Store Policies

Payment Methods Accepted


We accept payment by card with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB. Other modes :- Bank Transfer, Pay Pal and in the UK by Cheque. Please make cheques payable to A R Weeks.
Account details for Bank Transfer are:- 
SWIFTBIC BARCGB22      IBAN GB10 BARC 2012 7560 9086 49
Account Holder name A R Weeks Please give book no. or part of title as ref.


We may need to make an additional charge for heavy books or sets.


Complaints Procedure


In the event you are not satisfied with the level of service provided or the book is not as described please E-mail your concern and we will act promptly thereon.
If the concern is the non receipt of an item, enquiry will be made by us of the UK Postal Service at the expiration of the Royal Mail published Service Standard for the level of service used; providing in support; the certificate of postage which will have been obtained by us at the time of posting.
If the concern is damaged or delayed items, details thereof will be required so we can pursue any claim. Any payment for loss or compensation made by the postal authority will be paid to the customer. Alternatively the certificate of postage and receipt for postage paid can be provided to the customer for them to pursue any claim if required.

If the book is not as described it can be returned for full credit. Please E-mail within 14 days of receipt of book with particulars and to receive instruction for refund. A refund of the return postage will be provided if request is made by us for the return of any book not as described.


Store Building Policy


We seek to offer a varied interesting stock to appeal to the general reader right through to the avid collector and specialist bibliophile. In doing so we endeavor to obtain good quality stock and present it in as good order as possible to our customers. To that end, books with dust jackets are usually supplied in proprietary protective wrappers. These are applied soon after acquisition and after cleaning to remove any dust/shelf soiling. They serve to protect the dust jacket from damage or further degradation whilst in stock and can be removed by customers after purchase if desired without trace of their application. These do however present a problem of reflective light when taking the digital image alongside the inventory item. So please be mindful of this and if you require an enhanced image to satisfy yourself as to condition before purchase do not hesitate to request one.

We are keen to add to our stock and if you have any interesting, collectable, antiquarian or modern books in very good or better condition, fact of fiction, to sell, we would welcome the opportunity to purchase from you. Please make initial approach through the "Contact Us" Navigation list in the left hand margin with brief details of what you have to offer.